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Cracked Windshield

Have you been looking for a company that offers professional and reliable auto glass services? Did you know that you can find such a company in Williamsburg, VA? Yes, KSW Autoglass provides all kinds of auto glass products as well as repair and fitting services. We have been in operation for many years, serving millions of customers in Williamsburg as well as in the nearby regions like Hampton, Gloucester and Virginia Beach.

One of the services that we provide to our customers is cracked windshield repair. This is because windshields can get cracks at any given time due to accidents or other events which you have no control over. Whenever you notice a crack, you need to immediately contact a knowledgeable person to help you evaluate the extent and possible effect of the crack.

We appreciate the value of our customers and as such, we always advise them before doing any repairs on cracked windshields. We let our customers know that a cracked windshield is only repairable if the damage meets the following conditions. First, the crack should be six inches or smaller in size. Secondly, there should not be more than three cracks or chips on the windshield. Thirdly, the crack should not be positioned at the edge of the windscreen. Other conditions are that the crack should not be in the area of view of the driver and the damage should not have occurred at the front of a camera or a sensor on the windshield.

If your cracked windscreen meets the above conditions, we will go ahead and repair the crack. If the crack is too big, is within the driver’s line of sight or at the edge of the windscreen, or there are multiple cracks, our technicians will recommend that the windshield is replaced.

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