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Scratched Windshield

A scratched windshield can be unpleasant since it makes your vehicle look older and uncared for. If your windshield gets scratched, you need to look for someone to help you clear the scratch immediately. At KSW Autoglass, we help our customers to restore the integrity of any scratched windshield, no matter the size of the scratches. We provide our services from our base in Chesapeake, VA, and we are also able to reach customers from other places that are nearby such as Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and Newport News.

We believe in satisfying the needs of our customers by producing the best results when doing any task. We also offer advice to our customers on how to maintain their windshields and protect them from unnecessary scratches. We have professional technicians to provide services and advice on all the projects that we undertake. Our customers like us because we value them and we offer professional services.

When you call us or visit us to repair your scratched windshield, one of our team members will run a fingernail or a finger over the scratch to check if it is a deep scratch or a surface scratch. Deeps scratches are likely to expand over time and need more attention. Our technicians will then use their glass repair kit to remove the scratch and restore the initial look of the windshield. The technicians will also clean the glass surface and test to check whether the scratch has been completely removed.

We offer very affordable prices because we work with many suppliers and this ensures that we get our glass repair kits and other equipment at a competitive rate. We then pass the benefits to our customers in the form of relatively low prices.

Therefore, if you reside in Chesapeake or near this city, you need to contact us for all windshield repair and maintenance services.

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